Happy sailing aboard S/Y Havheksen

Sailing with sails has always been my hobby. I love everything about sailing!

I always look for the weather, whether I'm going to sail or not. Often I went to the habour, just to see the sea. Several times a day, also when I'm working, I think about sailing, because sailing is freedom, adventure and nature.

I have had many different dinghies and keelboats over time. All my boats (with very few exceptions) has been named Havheksen, regarding to the Sea Hag in the cartoon "Popeye the Sailor".

Right now (late autumn 2018) I'm without my own vessel, but I keep looking for a new boat and in the meanwhile I'm sailing as crew at my friends ships.

Best regards and happy sailing
See you in the waters south of Funen :-)


Havheksen happy sailing